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Choosing a solar installer you can trust

Here's what you need to know when looking for a solar installer that's reliable and worth the deal.

Not all installers are created equal and since putting up a solar system in your home or business is a long-term investment, it’s best that you do not cut corners. Note that when solar's not properly installed, roof leaks became inevitable that in fact, it is one of the most common complaints from solar homeowners. But, on the other hand, a fool-proofed installation can even protect roofs from extreme weather damage and panels remain unscathed.

Working with a reliable solar installation company can make or break your total solar experience. Knowing just what to look for in your search for a solar installer is more important than you might think.

Here are things to consider for when finding your solar team:

1. Good credentials and reputation

Solar installation combines the logistics of a home improvement project with risks of electrical work so credentials and references are especially important. If you have friends and acquaintances with a solar system, find out if they were happy with their installer.

Online consumer reviews are another way to find out more about a company.

As this is a big project and expense, don't be afraid to get a few different quotes and testimonials before you finally sit for a deal.

2. Ideal solar packages and options

Some installers take a one-size-fits-all approach to solar system design, while others might customize your installation depending on your needs and properties. If installing your solar system is more complicated, it will be especially helpful to find an installer that customizes the system design by selecting the best equipment and installation approach.

3. Comprehensive solar system warranty

Warranty coverage is also equally important as it provides peace of mind and guarantees that the authorized solar company will repair or replace any major failure caused by manufacturing or materials defect. Make sure you are clear about warranties before signing a contract with a solar panel installer.

4. Project timetable

Installers might have busy installation schedules for months. If you want a solar system installed soon, it is wise to check what their current schedule looks like or if they can accommodate you ASAP before signing a contract.

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