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Brighter homes, brighter future with Toshiba Solar Panel


Brighter days ahead as Solaready PH introduces the latest solar panel technology to brighten up every Filipino’s home more than ever-- the Toshiba Solar Panel.

Toshiba Solar Panel is the newest addition to the line of highly sophisticated solar panel solutions offered by Solaready PH. Similar with solar panel technologies produced by Panasonic and LG, Toshiba Solar Panel provides a more practical and more refined energy solutions system to every Filipino community.

For many years, Toshiba Energy Systems and Solutions Corporation is recognized as Japan’s one of the leading and most innovative company in the energy sector, supplying diverse technologies in the fields of system connections and system stabilization. It is well-known in manufacturing photovoltaic systems and products which maximizes the use of renewable energy, providing a stable supply of power.

As one of the industry’s most trusted solar panels provider, Toshiba Solar Panels offer greater reliable solar power. The panel is a Poly Crystalline Photovoltaic (PV) Systems with up to 325W power output range, and 16.7% module efficiency. This is also recommended for commercial and industrial use due to its proven performance and rigorous reliability measures.

Toshiba Solar Panel features efficient and stable power generation for high temperature and high humidity climate. The panel boasts its increased power output as well as its improved aesthetics which measures only 40mm thin and weighs 22.2kg.

Toshiba Solar Panel’s innovation, latest technology, and improved equipment capabilities contribute to more effective power output for solar panels at a lower cost.

You can now experience brighter days with Toshiba’s Solar Panel, now available at Solaready Philippines. Visit us at for more details. For inquiries, reach us at



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