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Amazon's initiative to go big in clean, solar energy

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Solar panels are installed at fulfillment and sorting centers in India, pegged to generate 8,000 kW of solar energy

If you are a business owner, you might have come across the concept of "businesses going solar" a countless times and it might have struck you as a rather risky move in a confusing market.

But as years pass, more and more corporations and organizations have shifted to installing solar panels for two main points:  for environmental good and the other, as a strategic financial decision. 

Just this first week of June, Amazon, a global e-commerce giant, has reported to have installed close to 1600-kilo watts (kW) of solar power panels at its two fulfillment centers in Delhi and Hyderabad. The project is part of Amazon's initiative to generate clean energy through solar roofing. 

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The company said it also has plans to to further deploy large-scale solar panel systems on rooftops of an additional five fulfillment centers and two sortation sites located in Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chennai while further expanding existing capacity in Delhi. With this deployment, by the end of 2018, Amazon India will be able to generate solar energy close to 8,000 kW. Installations at these fulfillment and sort centers would cover an area of approximately 1 million square feet, and reduce carbon dioxide emission by around 9, 000 tons a year, and provide energy to support the building’s annual energy needs. 

This, in a way, poses part of the solution to substantially reduce the heat-trapping emissions that cause global warming. 

"We are putting our scale and inventive culture to work on sustainability—this is good for the environment, our business and our customers," Dave Clark, senior vice president of Worldwide Operations, said in a statement. 

Opportunity for small and medium businesses

Small and medium businesses can join the growing chorus of smart businesses owners. Solar isn't just for big companies such as Amazon. Businesses of all sizes can shift its focus to sustainable, cleaner power. 

For the last five years, the cost of buying and installing solar panels has dropped considerably while electricity prices continue to climb. Businesses with solar panels are able to offset their electricity use, reduce monthly electric bills, and enjoy free electricity for the life of the system which takes between 20 to 35 years. 

If you want to learn more about solar benefits for your business or assess possible savings, you may simply leave us a message or contact (+632) 519 0378 and request for a free quote.



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