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A Step by Step Guide of the Solar Panel Installation Process

So you’ve made the solar switch, congratulations!

Mother nature thanks you for your eco-friendly lifestyle.

It can be daunting to switch to solar energy. For homeowners getting solar panels for the first time, here’s how the process goes:

Step 1: Setting the Date

The installation date should be the most convenient time for you. You may schedule it when there are not much people running around the house as your solar panel contractor works their magic. Set it in the morning as installation usually lasts the entire day. You should also be there to supervise and observe how they install the panels on your roof.

Step 2: Preparing the Work Area

While solar panel installation usually takes place outside, it’s important to keep the work area clear as possible. Remove any obstruction such as motorcycles, plants, and children’s play areas. This gives your installer more mobility and gets the job done quicker.

Step 3: Learning Maintenance

Aftercare for your panels is just as important as the installation process. Listen to maintenance instructions by your solar panel installer and save their contact info for emergency repairs.

Remember: Proper maintenance allows you and your family to enjoy the benefits of solar energy longer.

At Solaready PH, we anticipate our customer’s needs. We have a line available 24/7 for you in case your solar panels break or require cleaning.

For emergency repairs or maintenance, contact us at (+632) 7 957 3236 or (+63) 917 534 8178. You can also email us your inquiries or concerns at



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