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5kW Solar Installation Journey: An OFW Sending Love from Afar

Solar power bridges people and renewable energy to create a powerful driving force in utilizing our natural resources.

It can also serve as a bridge between people, much like our recent 5kWp solar residential installation for an aging couple during home quarantine.

The 5kWp solar power system was gifted to them by their child who is an OFW in Oman.

Despite being a hundred miles apart, he found a way to keep his parents secured and comfortable, especially with the rising electricity costs as people stayed at home.

Now, his elderly parents can turn on the air conditioning and use their appliances without fear of getting a high energy bill, which is a huge relief during the hot summer season.

Solaready PH is proud to be a part of their story. Giving the gift of sustainable energy is what we do. Extend your care for your loved ones with renewable energy.

Solaready PH has a limited time promo installing affordable solar panels for households with PHP5,000 and below monthly electric bills.

Grab this deal and contact us at (+632) 7 906 8017, (+632) 7 957 3236, or (+63) 917 534 8178. You can also email us at

Find out how much you can save monthly and calculate your solar savings right here:



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