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4 Tips to Save Electric Bill Consumption at Home

Did your latest energy bill give you a mild stroke? That’s because we’re all under home quarantine and consume more electricity than before. However, you can avoid the high energy costs with these four simple tips.

Use LED Lamps and Light Bulbs

Are your light bulbs LED? If not, they may be the older type of bulbs that consume more electricity than usual. LED is both safe and eco-friendly with longer lifespan. Go to the nearest hardware store to replace them with LED bulbs to lower your electric consumption on your next energy bill.

Remove the TV Cord From the Power Socket

Even if your television isn’t on, it is still consuming electricity as long as the red power button is glowing. To cut the constant consumption of electricity, take the TV prong off completely from your power socket.

Set Your Air Conditioner on Timer

A good night’s sleep is always a must. But air conditioning isn’t. To avoid overuse, place it on a timer to turn off at least an hour before you wake up. That one hour window a day can help you cut down on costs.

Invest in Solar Power

The best way to save up on monthly energy costs is by switching to solar power.

A solar roof on top of your head can help lower bills by over 30%. This is helpful especially since we’re all under home quarantine orders, and using electricity all day can rack up quite a bill.

Solaready PH is here to give you the eco-friendly choice in consuming electricity. Not only will you protect your savings, you’ll also protect the environment. Visit our website at to learn more about us.



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