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3 Major Types of Solar Energy System You Can Install in Your Home

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

So you want to have solar panels installed in your home or office but don’t know where to start? You can begin by learning about the 3 types of solar energy systems you can choose from. We laid down a list of their pros and cons as well as the big differences between each one.

Grid-Tied Solar System

People usually lean into a grid-tied system when switching to solar energy for the first time. The reason it’s called “grid-tied” is that the solar panels are directly powering your home along with your electrical grid.

PROS: Your home is guaranteed to be harnessing enough power even on cloudy or rainy days; plus, it’s the most cost-efficient choice out of the 3 solar energy systems

CONS: You’ll still be dependent on another energy power supply on occasional events; it doesn’t power your home in the event of blackouts

Off-Grid Solar System

If you’re really adamant about using solar power every day even with low sunlight, then the off-grid solar system is for you. It can serve as an energy source year-round without dependence on electrical panels.

PROS: It is the most eco-friendly solar system because you’ll be able to rely solely on the earth’s natural resources and that means less toxic emission and heat.

CONS: It is also the most expensive solar system to install since it requires batteries and inverters for electric storage and device longevity.

Hybrid Solar System

The Hybrid solar system is a mix of both on-grid and off-grid solar systems, which means it powers up your home during the daytime and stores it in the battery for night time usage.

PROS: Utilizes renewable energy with all-day power supply; It offers a huge sustainable effort

CONS: Lower battery life compared to the off-grid solar system; plus, it has a more complicated solar energy controlling process.

Knowing the right solar system for you is the first step to a more sustainable lifestyle. You’re not only saving on electricity costs, but you’re also saving the planet.

Now the next step is finding the right company to set up your chosen solar energy system. Solaready PH is one of the leading solar energy companies in the Philippines. Visit our website at to schedule your installation today.

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