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3 kW Solar Panel Installation in Regency Park Homes

We’ve transformed a home in Regency Park Homes into their own solar company!

With a 3 kW On-Grid System on their roof, the family can enjoy longer energy usage without fear of expensive utilities.

The Solaready homeowner reached a decision in making the solar switch due to the extended work from home scheme.

Productivity depends on your resources, once your lights or wifi go out, so will your tasks for the day.

Without the guarantee of stable electricity, your work is in danger of filling up with backlogs.

Not to mention, it's uncomfortable to work with looming anxiety that your home may experience a power outage any day. Especially during the rainy season. These sudden blackouts can last for hours (or days in some remote areas).

Take charge of your home, invest in solar power to avoid interruptions.

Inquire today at (+632) 7 957 3236 or (+63) 917 534 8178. You can also email your inquiries at


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