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3 kW On-Grid system using REC panels in Paranaque

Do you have small energy requirements?

The 3 kW On-Grid system using REC panels is perfect for you! Much like our recent installation in Paranaque.

At Solaready PH, we made it possible for small homes with small energy requirements to save BIG.

Now, our homeowner can enjoy over 30% solar savings. You can tuck it away for other financial needs, which is timely due to the ongoing pandemic and erratic lockdown schemes.

If you have a small family or you’re a single dweller, we can arrange a solar roof perfect for your energy consumption. This allows you to save up more on installation and product costs.

REC panels are also an industry leading brand which can last for decades. It can withstand the tough weather in the Philippines, making it the ideal product for homes frequently in heavy rains.

Got more questions for us?

Get in touch with our team at (+632) 7 957 3236 or (+63) 917 534 8178. You can also email your inquiries at


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