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3.2 kWp Solar Panel with 5 kW Inverter Installation in Quezon City

We transformed another home in Quezon City!

The Solaready team can install quality solar panels for your home. We installed a 3.2 kWp Solar Grid-tie System with a 5 kW inverter in Bonny Serrano, Quezon City.

A 3KW Solar System that can produce 12kWh a day / 2500kWh a year on average will be able to annul a considerable part of your appliance’s consumption, therefore lowering your energy bill.

Here’s a 3 kW system can run:

Fridge/Freezer: 150 to 190kWh

Dishwasher: 220kWh (considering 48 weeks and 5 weekly washes)

Coffee Machine: 30kWh (5 minutes use every day)

Microwave: 60kWh (1.5 hours a week)

Electric Oven: 150kWh (1,5 hours three times a week)

Induction Cooker: 210kWh (2 burners once a day)

LED TV: 20kWh

LED TV Standby: 2kWh

Games Console: 84kWh (2 hours a day)

Washing Machine: 180 to 270 kWh (200 cycles a year)

Computer & Monitor: 300kWh (4 hours a day)

Smartphone Charge: 7kWh (4 hours a day)

For a home of 2 to 3 persons, this is the ideal setup for your energy consumption. Enjoy uninterrupted solar power at a lower investment cost.

Want to make the solar switch, too?

It’s time to call our team at (+632) 7 957 3236 or (+63) 917 534 8178. You can also email your inquiries at



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