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10kW solar grid-tied system installed in Jaro, Iloilo

Iloilo has been known for their exceptional use of wind energy. The huge wind turbines have become a popular tourist destination in the province. The growing interest among people to switch to renewable energy culminated to the residents tapping into solar power.

Solaready Solar Panel Installation Iloilo Philippines

In Jaro, one of the seven districts of Iloilo, a homeowner began using solar energy for their residential home and business. The Solaready PH team installed 35 pieces of 290 WP Panasonic Monocrystalline solar modules on its rooftop.

They believe the renewable energy source is great not just for their home but even on their own business because of these three amazing benefits:

Solar Energy Reduces Overhead Costs

Solar power is cheaper than artificial electricity. The amount you’ve invested in installation costs is guaranteed to return ten-fold in the long run.

Solar Energy Encourages Awareness

A business with an advocacy resonates well with customers. It’s a good chance to encourage both employees and customers alike to become more self-aware with the environment and their carbon footprint.

Solar Energy Reaps Long-Term Rewards

Apart from the lower monthly bills, you can enjoy minimal maintenance and virtually no sudden power interruptions or blackouts. It’s extremely great for businesses relying on constant electricity such as canteens, computer shops, etc.

With homeowner/business owner in Jaro seeing these amazing advantages, it’s no wonder why Iloilo is a hub for renewable energy.

Mr. Robert Lopez-Puckett, the beloved founder of Solaready Inc., set up the Philippines’ first Solar Energy Institute (SEI) in Pavia, Iloilo because he knew the hearts of the residents are carved with compassion towards sustainability. He was the first and oldest advocate of

Philippine renewable energy, when he introduced renewable energy to the Philippine market way back 1976.

Solaready Solar Panel Installation Iloilo Philippines

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Purchase your own solar kit for only P59,999 (for monthly billed homes below P5,000)

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